Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Re: TP: Clueless on clues
From: (Carrie L Bullington)
Date: 1990-11-08, 08:33

> >In article <>, (Robert
> >Steven Glickstein) says:
>> >>
>> >>Many of the significant clues that we've seen or heard on Twin Peaks
>> >>have been followed up on.  Here are some that haven't.  Any ideas,
>> >>anyone?
>> >>
> >
> >What was the interaction between Laura and Audrey -- did they take
> >cocaine together or did they have a provider relationship?
> >
> >Is this related to her helping Johnny?

Recall the conversation between Audrey and Donna where Donna
questions Audrey about having been at church.  Audrey says
she went "for Laura."  Donna frowns and says, "But I thought
you didn't like Laura" (or "I thought you weren't friends," 
you get the gist).  Then Audrey admits that Laura did help
her brother, Johnny, "and so I guess I loved her for that."

> >Does Copper look more aged in that scene? (Look at his neck?)
> >
When Cooper tells Truman and Lucy about his dream the next morning,
he is speaking very quickly, but in his description of the
room with the midget and the midget's cousin (who looks
exactly like Laura Palmer), he (Cooper) mentions
that he is an old man.

Carrie "please don't make me leave" Bullington