Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Re: TP: Clueless on clues
From: (Michelle L Zafron)
Date: 1990-11-08, 10:36

> >In article <>, (Robert
> >Steven Glickstein writes...

> >What was the interaction between Laura and Audrey -- did they take
> >cocaine together or did they have a provider relationship?

As far as we know Audrey was not on cocaine.  Audrey, who wasn't that close to
Laura seems to have a better idea of some of her less noble hobbies, like drug 
use and her part-time work ;-), than Donna does.

> >Does Copper look more aged in that scene? (Look at his neck?)

Yes, he does.  

>> >>2.  The dark shadow moving across the red curtains.  An owl, or
>> >>    other bird?  Related to the dark shadow that Maddy saw on the living
>> >>    room carpet?

> >Somebody else claimed this was a boot. How does a boot relate to cocaine?
> >I miss this connection.

My guess is the shadow across the carpet.  But you people in the Uk haven't seen
this yet.  I don't think it looked remotely like a boot.