Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Re: WKLP: Leland or Pete or ?
From: (Robert Steven Glickstein)
Date: 1990-11-08, 06:25

Excerpts from 7-Nov-90 WKLP: Leland or Pete
or ? Hardeep Johar@rnd.GBA.NY (2326)

> > Every good mystery story must obey two rules:
> > 1. The killer must be introduced at an early stage. Introducing the killer at
> > a later stage is not cricket.
> > 2. There should be enough clues in the early stages that point to the killer.
> > They may not make sense when shown, but when all is revealed, all the early
> > clues should make sense.

I agree that these are, more or less, the "rules" for a proper mystery. 
However, who ever claimed that Twin Peaks is a proper mystery?

If Twin Peaks winds up not obeying these rules, then it won't be a
proper mystery, but it will be *something*.  Perhaps we shouldn't be
expecting TP to conform to classic mystery rules.  Perhaps it was
intended all along to be *something* else.  After all, TP is supposed to
be pushing the outside of the television envelope.  It breaks all kinds
of molds; why not the mold that we expect stories to fit into?

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