Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: A Sort of Evil Out There in These Old Woods
From: (Jym Dyer)
Date: 1990-11-09, 12:58

|H|mm.  Truman says that there's "a sort of evil out there in
`-' these old woods," and that it was here "long before us"
    and will be there "long after we're gone."
|M|ike (or, if you prefer, MIKE) says that BOB has been in
`-' the area for 40 years.  Leland seems to have run into BOB
    at about the same time.
|T|he question is, is BOB the evil out in the woods, or was
`-' he merely drawn to it?  Is Truman right about the evil
    being there for a long, long time?
|T|he Bookhouse seems rather '50s (especially in the diary).
`-' Are the Bookhouse Boys a relatively young institution?
|I| would guess that the evil predates BOB.  Twin Peaks is
`-' a gateway, a "place of power" as some would say, and BOB
    found lots of kindred spirits there.  And I'm still hoping
    there'll be some connection to "Bookwus" (as others have
    mentioned here).