Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Leland Palmer
From: (Michael Kaye)
Date: 1990-11-09, 21:32

So I come home from the crepe place, turn on the tube to CNN
and what do I see?  Ray Wise, a.k.a Leland Palmer, the character
I think killed Laura Palmer.  Ray was really funny and sharp in 
the interview.

He said that he was originally supposed to play the part of Truman.
He bleaches his hair at the salon ,"with the most powerful chemicals
known to man", once a week.  He suggested that he's still waiting
for his character to become normal and happy.  (I think they've
filmed 14 episodes so far.)

He says that we haven't seen his most shocking acting roles yet, 
that we should look for some twisted acting by him in episodes 7 and 9.
They showed him singing Mairzy Doats and Get Happy.  I think he's got a 
tough act to top, in terms of getting any more twisted.  Aside from his 
singing, who can forget the bullwinkle/Leland dance, his dance with Ben 
and Jerry, breaking his daughters picture and smearing blood on it, 
and loving the coffin?  Leland is definately one of my favorite characters.

Michael Kaye   "Dance with me!  Dance with me!!"