Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Okay...
Date: 1990-11-09, 17:34

Why _I_ think Andydidit, and then afterwards, why Johnny Horne did it if 
Andy is not the guy whom I think he is:

In the diary, Laura describes in very explicit detail one of the ways in 
which BOB has abused her. She tells about BOB masturbating, ejaculating 
in her hands, then forcing her to recite the following poem while licking 
it from her hands:
"This little bitch 
 Is awfully sorry
 This little bitch
 Drinks you up
 Within this seed is death indeed."
 ^^^^^^ ^^^^ ^^^^ ^^ ^^^^^ ^^^^^^^

And remember, ANDY IS STERILE. Now, really. Don't you think Andy KNEW he 
was sterile? He HAS to be smarter than he looks. Not that that would be 
hard... :) And besides, who would a little girl trust more to go out her 
window with than a policeman?

And, why Johnny Horne did it:

In the last entry of the diary, Laura tells that she knows who and 
exactly what BOB is, and she has to tell everyone. But nobody else seems 
to know anything about this BOB guy, despite her saying she would reveal 
his ID. So, whoever she told first (and thus the only person she told) 
must have been BOB. Either that, or we have a lot of forgetful people in 
Twin Peaks. 
Now, assuming that BOB is an evil spirit and isn't necessarily possessing 
his human host at all times, perhaps Laura did not know that BOB was 
inhabiting Johnny, she had just figured out that he was some sort of 
astral consciousness, she would have gone to the person she trusted most 
in the whole world to tell this too, even if she knew he wouldn't 
understand. And this person was Johnny.
I know, pretty weak, nor does it explain Theresa Banks. Andy, at least, 
might have a reason for being in the part of the state Theresa Banks was 
murdered - some sort of intercounty case?

And then, if all else fails, why Ben Horne did it: :)

In the Diary, Troy is found unshod, unfed, with two broken legs, out by 
the railway at the state border. (also where and how[approximately] 
Ronette Pulaski was found, I might add) Ben found him, and watched him 
take two bullets to the skull. On the phone with Laura, he stated that he 
would get whoever did this and make them pay. Who knows, maybe he found 
out just who did it. (Laura, for those who haven't read the diary - she 
set him free from his stable due to her sex hangups)

Of course, this does not explain Theresa Banks either. None of my 
theories adequately explain Theresa Banks, the letters, the visions, why 
BOB looks like he does, etc. But it sounds good! :)

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