Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Re: Mike killed Laura
Date: 1990-11-09, 16:24

   (Please forgive me if my netnews etiquette is all wrong. This is my
first attempt at a posting and time is running out for a timely entry.)

  For sure, MIKE killed Laura. I have no idea who, physicaly the third
"man" was, but maybe that doesn't matter anymore(sort of).  If Ronette,
the OAM, or possibly Leo (longshot) carried out the act, it was MIKE
who committed the murder.  Who BOB's host was couldn't make any difference
to MIKE.

  I think BOB went into Ronette,not MIKE, so as to survive the ritual
murder of Laura, escaped, and came back to try and revive Laura. From
there, Laura's body somehow got wrapped in plastic and carried off(I
doubt Ronette was in condition for that without supernatural energy).
Someone had to care about Laura to WANT her body to be found--and BOB
yearns for Laura and returns every time someone is mistaken for her.

   When Ronette was at the hospital, why couldn't BOB have entered
Mr. Palmer for a time, using him to kill Jacque, Laura's supposed killer
& thus MIKE's host.  Then, finished with Leiland, BOB leaves and goes
into another host to hide in case MIKE comes after Jacque's 'murderer'.
Tit for Tat.

 MIKE does not know for a fact who BOB's host is, he is only guessing
at Mr. Palmer because  he  confessed to murdering 'Laura's killer'.

 So much of what happened after the murder points to MIKE being the
responsible party.  The other question to be answered in whom  did
BOB go after he  was done with Leiland?  and  why  is  Nadine  gone
totally apeshit w/supernatural strength and energy, all of a sudden?!