Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Re: The Twin Peaks Quote Listing
Date: 1990-11-09, 17:58

> > Rob Jellinghaus writes...
> > 
> > This has been bothering me :-).  Is it:
> > 
> >    - one chants out  between two worlds (Ed Hughes)
> >    - one chance outs between two worlds (Rob Jellinghaus)
> >    - one chance out  between two worlds (me) ?
> > 
> > Also, is it "through" or "in" the darkness?  We've heard this quote twice, is
> > exactly the same in both places?
> > 
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The poem:

Through the darkness of future past
The magician longs to see
One chants out between two worlds
"Fire, walk with me."

At this point, "chants" makes much more sense. MIKE was chanting out 
between two worlds both times he said this; he was straddled between his 
world and the dream-world the first time, and he was between his world 
and our world the second time. If it were "chance," then the poem would 
be meaningless...

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