Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Re: TP Halloween Costumes
From: ACPS7035@Ryerson.CA
Date: 1990-11-09, 08:34

For Halloween, I was going to go as Agent Cooper,  I had the costume and
everything:1 black suit
           1 black tie (pattern to the tie optional)
           1 small handheld tape recorder (mini casette)
           1 small BB hand gun and shoulder holster
           hair combed back and a lot of funny and weird
           quotes from the show,
           If fact, they were on the tape so I wouldn't
           forget them.

I liked my costume, but at the last moment I changed it and went as the
"Have a nice day" psyco-killer from the comic 'The Tick'.
This costume when over bigger because the people who didn't watch TP
didn't feel out of place, But Everyone there I had forced to read 'The Tick'.

     /     /|             AND GOD SAID....
   /     /  |  \     \        
     / \    |    / \          
   /     \  |  /     \        
 /         \|/         \    AND THERE WAS LIGHT!      BLACKTHORNE