Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Re: TP Halloween Costumes
From: (Tim Olson)
Date: 1990-11-09, 09:45
Reply-to: (Tim Olson)

In article <1269@bbxsda.UUCP> scott@bbxsda.UUCP (Scott Amspoker) writes:
| In article <> (Rick McCarty) writes:
| >                                     I only know of one TP costume - someone
| >did Agent Cooper.  The one I expected to see the most was a LP, wrapped in
| >plastic.  But I didn't see one.
| I'm curious.  How does someone do an Agent Cooper costume?  I would
| imagine someone who happens to have a striking resemblence to
| Coop could take advantage of that.

I went as Agent Cooper to a wedding rehersal that was held in costume;
I wore a blue jacket with big yellow FBI letters on the back (like the
one Coop wore when they met the Log Lady in her cabin), and had my
hair slicked back with some goop.

The costume actually worked a little too well -- I scared a person
staying at the same hotel when I walked out wearing it -- they told me
later they thought it was a drug raid!

	-- Tim Olson
	Advanced Micro Devices