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From: (William Sherman)
Date: 1990-11-09, 13:06
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In article <> (Tom Chiang) writes:
> >In article <708@kaos.MATH.UCLA.EDU> (William Sherman) writes:
>> >>In article <> (Tom Chiang) writes:
>>> >>>...we do not know it was BOB...i still think laura sacrificed herself
>>> >>>to avoid BOB...and if u think BOB did kill here, then how do u explain
>>> >>>his anger in the traincar scene?

(Then I responded that I didn't think BOB looked unhappy in that scene,
rather, that he was exultant and menacing.)

> >(...) BOB is clearly very angry or exultant...furthermore, he is
> >pounding something...i think we can all accept, if u think
> >BOB killed her, then u think he was exultant and pounding her...if u
> >think on the other hand that she sacrificed herself (as i do ), then BOB was
> >pounding the mound of dirt that she used in the ritual...

I *do* think that BOB was pounding her -- just color me crazy.  If he
were pounding a mound of dirt, it wouldn't make that nasty squishy 'thunk'
I don't believe that Laura sacrificed herself, because, to me, it doesn't
match the facts (Ronette etc.) or the mood.  However, since things should be
much clearer by tomorrow night, I don't propose to rehash the details over
and over again.  But the fact that BOB often entered Laura's mind does
not imply that he would be unhappy if she died.  One may feel that
he was unhappy because he had lost a favorite plaything, but:
1) Laura had reached a new level of resignation about BOB, so he probably
wouldn't have gotten much out of prolonging the wait, and
2) It seems obvious that the lifelong campaign of terror was actually
leading up to her death.  This climax was planned all along, and
BOB made the most of the anticipation.

>> >>3) MIKE only inhabits P. M. Gerard, not other people like Ronette, as
>> >>somebody suggested.
> > is unclear to me how u arrived @ this conclusion...

It seemed implicit in MIKE's testimony about his inhabitation of Gerard.

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