Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: TP Costume, TP Previews
From: (Blue Dragon)
Date: 1990-11-09, 12:36

One guy at my office dressed as Philip Michael Gerard, complete with
suitcase full of one of every shoe he could find (though he chose
right shoes, and I thought it was left shoes).

ABC has been showing a commercial that goes along the lines of:
"One of these people killed Laura Palmer"
followed by quick shots of James, Ben, Donna, Maddy, Leland, Bobby,
Audrey, and Gerard (OAM).  Then there's a shot of someone pointing
at BOB's picture, followed by Truman and Cooper walking through a
doorway and finally Ed and Nadine in the diner (I'm not sure whether
the last four are intended to be suspects).  Anyhow, I guess this
"should" narrow down the list of suspects to exclude Andy and Harold
Smith, but we've never known ABC to be infallible in the past...