Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

From: (Tom Chiang)
Date: 1990-11-09, 01:27

In article <708@kaos.MATH.UCLA.EDU> (William Sherman) writes:
> >In article <> (Tom Chiang) writes:
>> >>...we do not know it was BOB...i still think laura sacrificed herself
>> >>to avoid BOB...and if u think BOB did kill here, then how do u explain
>> >>his anger in the traincar scene?
> >
> >I seem to remember a long debate about this.  I didn't keep a tally or
> >anything, but I think it's not at all clear that BOB is unhappy in that
> >scene.  He's just a crazed insane being.  He's exultant and triumphant,
> >not angry.  He looks a little angry because he's rather unpleasant.  I
> >don't think that a psychotic, evil spirit should have a smile on his face.
> >So don't ask somebody to explain something we haven't all accepted.

...come on, that whole scene is there for a reason: to try and shed
some light on what happened at the traincar and what ronnette
saw...BOB is clearly very angry or exultant...furthermore, he is
pounding something...i think we can all accept, if u think
BOB killed her, then u think he was exultant and pounding her...if u
think on the other hand that she sacrificed herself (as i do ), then BOB was
pounding the mound of dirt that she used in the ritual...or if u have
another theory, then that must explain the traincar scene, which is
what i mean in the above quote "how do u explain the traincar

> >3) MIKE only inhabits P. M. Gerard, not other people like Ronette, as
> >somebody suggested. is unclear to me how u arrived @ this conclusion...if BOB
inhabits more than 1 host (as some believe including myslef) then why
is MIKE restricted to 1 ?...

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