Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Confessions of a reluctant TP addict... 11/10 spoilers
From: (Tiny Bubbles...)
Date: 1990-11-10, 22:16

Okay, okay, so this was going to be the LAST WEEK EVER that I watched
the evil Twin Peaks.  Unfortunately, the Lynch mob left too much unsolved
and I may be stuck in front of my rotten TV for a few more weeks.

To wit:

-  Why did Donna say "Funny, she didn't mention anything to me" or some-
   thing like that when James mentioned that Maddy was leaving?  (Yeah,
   she's dead, but the comment remains.)
-  When will Lucy be found, and by whom?
-  So Leland did it, and Ben Horne is in the clink.  >sigh<
-  Did the Giant-looking waiter do anything other than give condolences
   to Coop?

        ... Michael Ho, University of Nebraska
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