Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

From: (Wilbanks)
Date: 1990-11-10, 14:58

Okay, here's the premise: Laura Palmer is now a supernautral being, just like
BOB. I support this premise with the following evidence:
1) Laura wanted to become a spirit like BOB
   A) Why else would she have sex with three guys, break off with James, and 
      get screwed up on coke? She knew she was going to kiss off her mortal
      flesh - so to speak. She went out with a party.   
2) BOB was once a real person too.
   A) This would explain why Leland saw him forty years ago. This Robertson
      fellow locked himself into the white house on Pearl Lake, and performed
      what ever ritual was necessary to become this evil spirit.
   B) This explanation would keep TP on the planet Earth; more like 
      "Hellraiser" than Dracula or Plan 9 from Outer Space.
3) Laura's spirit has entered both Maddie and Donna at different times.
   A) Donna and James standing on the gazebo overlooking the pond, and Donna
      says something to the effect of "I feel her, she's out there, wandering
      like a lost spirit." I believe this was the second or third episode.
   B) They curiously superimposed Laura's face over Donna's in one early
   C) This would explain Donna's personality changes. And Maddie's flirtation.
This doesn't explain who was BOB's "host" at the time of the murder. Or where
Harold Smith was at the time. Harold probably knew about Laura's little ritual
in the train car, so he showed up and got rid of Laura's body. It's also 
possible that Harold was there with the Secret Diary. The missing pages could 
have contained the ritual rites. Hokus Pokus Allakazam!

                    "How about a nice cold glass of milk?"