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Subject: Leland always BOB? And who are the owls?
Date: 1990-11-10, 22:01

The question that remains after the 11/10 episode is, was BOB in Leland's body
when he killed Laura?  That would put Leland in the unique position of being
his daughter's killer and also her would-be avenger.  I think it's possible
that BOB only recently posessed Leland -- perhaps when his old host was killed
(Jacques), he was forced to take Leland.  That would explain Leland's hair color
change, but would leave the Log Lady's description of three men in the woods
that night a mystery.  Another possibility is that BOB was inhabiting Ben
Horne's body until Mike came to the Great Northern, but then fled to Leland's

What I want to know is, who are the owls in the roadhouse?  Bobby and Donna? 
They were the only ones to cry when Maddy was attacked (killed?).  The Giant?
We still don't know who he is, or who he represents.  There simply wasn't any
evil presence there.  Does "The owls are not what they seem" mean in fact that
the owls are not evil as most people have assumed?  OK, an owl was superimposed
on BOB's face, but BOB wasn't at the roadhouse.  Margaret seems to have led
Coop and Truman astray, so perhaps the Giant was warning Coop against picking
up her distrust of Owls -- if he hadn't been after owls, he wouldn't have been
in the Roadhouse when Maddy was attacked.

That attack scene was incredible -- the suspense went on for ages.  It gave an
incredible sense of the brutality of the attack, too.  This was my favorite
episode of the new season.

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