Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Predictions I'll live to regret!
From: hjohar@rnd.GBA.NYU.EDU (Hardeep Johar)
Date: 1990-11-10, 14:03

Well, only a few hours more before the great revealation! So let me
make an ass of myself with the following predictions:

1. Leland Palmer killed Laura Palmer. I'm not sure if he was BOB's
host or not.

2. If BOB, the spirit, was the killer, then there is no way that he
could have had more than one host. If he was in the habit of flitting
around from host to host, then there is no point in discussing twin
peaks. If BOB is not the killer, then it is ok for him to go flitting
around from host to host.

3. Laura Palmer was not Leland's daughter.

4. The OAM, or Mike in OAM, is not the killer. 

5. It looks as if BOB is the killer. The program description for next
weeks episode (in the NYT) says that Cooper hunts for BOB with the
help of Mike. So it looks as if BOB is the killer, and Mike is not.

6. I'm going to regret this posting.

-- ______________ The things I tell you will not be wrong.