Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: putting our two cents before the BIG show
Date: 1990-11-10, 14:30

The New York Times ran a big piece on David Lynch last
August that no one's mentioned on the net.  It was
mildly interesting.  We've put down the best stuff we
could remember:

1.  Lynch made the movie Eraserhead after living in Philadelphia
    a number of years.  The movie evokes Philadelphia.  After
    driving down I-95 near Philadelphia's airport a number of  
    times, I must say, that Eraserhead really does capture the feel
    of the place.

2.  When asked what was similar between his recent movie,
    Wild at Heart, and his tv show, Twin Peaks, Lynch said,
    laconically, `wood.'  When pressed, he went on about how
    his dad was a forest ranger (or some similar operative of
    the Department of Interior).  And, get this, his dad wrote
    a dissertation on wood - I've forgotten whether it was 
    pinewood, fir or some other wood.  Gee, you think the log 
    lady reminds him of his dad or something?  Nothing to mention
    other wood obsessions in Twin Peaks.  In Wild at Heart Lynch
    burns a lot of wood.  

3.  The rest of the article was about how he was coping with success
    and such.

Diarmuid Maguire        Hillard Pouncy