Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Re 11/10 episode
From: (Karl Kluge)
Date: 1990-11-10, 21:32

> > From: (Amanda Lynn Babcock)
> > 
> > Was that a ghost horse? What was it doing there? What does it have to do with
> > BOB?

The ghost horse was a spirit guide to take Sarah to the afterlife.

> > Why did MIKE react that way to Ben?

Because Bob was possessing Horne at the time, not Leland. Here's how I think
next week's show starts: they type Ben, and he's AB-. Case closed. Then
Leland calls to report that Sarah and Maddy are dead, and when they find
the letter under Maddy's nail, all hell breaks loose.

> > Did Leland murder Jacques because BOB didn't want a witness? Does this mean 
> > Leland was one of the three men?

No, Leland killed Jacques on his own inititive. The M.O. of the attack
by Leland on Jacques and the M.O. of the attack in the hospital on 
Ronette by Bob differ too much. I think Bob did have Ben tell Hank to
shoot Leo, though. We'll know when we hear Leo's tape.

> > What was wrong with Sara? Did she sense BOB's presence? Had Leland hurt her?

She's dead, Jim.

> > Will Ben sign the proposal when he gets out? How will Maddy's- well, death, one
> > supposes- affect James & Donna's getting back together?

Maddy and Laura's identical twin second cousin three times removed will
show up for Sarah and Maddy's funeral, with wacky results.