Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Re: I agree. Spoiler.
Date: 1990-11-10, 13:16

In article <>, (Kirk Breault) writes:
> > In article <1990Nov6.230913.15159@portia.Stanford.EDU> jill@portia.Stanford.EDU (Jill Sporleder) writes:
>> >>Another fact pointing to Leland is the flashback that shows Sarah
>> >>Palmer having visions of BOB coming down the stairs of her house.
>> >>Leland, possessed by BOB, has walked down those same stairs.
>> >>
> > BZZZT. That's Sarah herself walking down those stairs.

GONG! Now we know! Paper beats rock...
and GONG takes BZZZT.

Congratulations to the sages on Leland, now we'll have to wait for Cooper et al.
to catch up.