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Subject: Re: Leland trapped in '40s, again
From: (Robert Steven Glickstein)
Date: 1990-11-10, 12:36
Newsgroups: ("Lefty") writes:
> > In article <> 
> > writes:
>> > >   Sorry to wreck your train theory, but I believe that
>> > > Pennsylvania 6-5000 referred to a phone number from the
>> > > days when exchanges had names (e.g. PA6-5000 is 726-5000).
> > 
> > Um, basically correct about it having no relation to trains

Er, I thought we've been through all this.  "Pennsylvania 6-5000" *is*
a phone number, it *is* PE6-5000, and it *does* have to do with
trains.  It used to be the phone number of the front desk of a
famous New York City hotel, across the street from Penn Station.  The
hotel is now called "The Penta," though it wasn't back when the song
"Pennsylvania 6-5000" was written.

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