Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Re: TP 11/10/90 *SPOILERS* from hell!
From: (Peter Wu)
Date: 1990-11-10, 21:03

Spoilers ahead

Summary: This episode was kinda sad and disturbing.

In article <> (Richard L. Carreiro) writes:
> >Is Maddy dead?

I hope not, but I think she is.  In the preview there was something
like "Is she alright?".  Was that referring to Mrs. Palmer or was it
referring to Maddy?

> >What was Senor Drool Cup doing at the Roadhouse?

The log lady said something like: there are a lot of owls in the
Roadhouse .. perhaps he is one of them? (The giant might be one
too...) One of the many owls in Twin-Peaks.  He has heard from the
other owls of Cooper's accomplishments, thus the "I've heard about
you" comments during the second season premier?

> >Both the pro- and anti-supernatural people can have their cake and eat it, too
> >Is Leland posessed, or is he just your average run-of-the-mill psycho?

I think he is possessed and not just your avg run-of-the-mill psycho.
We see BOB in the mirror as Leland looks into it.  We see BOB
kissing/licking Maddy as Leland holds on to her and DOESN'T do what we
are shown BOB to be doing.  I think this is correct (i.e. I don't
think I misinterpreted what happened), but I'm sure people will flame
me if I'm wrong.

> >Was it me, or did the Giant look rather disappointed at Coop.

I think so too, but I don't think that it was the only reason.  I
think the Giant also saddened that BOB had taken another victim.  And
so were most people in the Roadhouse, especially Donna, Bobby, and
"Senor Droop Cup".

Cooper didn't look at his hand until after Maddy was "killed".  After
he does, the Giant disappears.  Any ideas why or was this just a
coincidence? (BTW - did he find his ring back or was he just

> >How much longer until Leo recovers.....and what's on the microcassette.
> >Who was writing the "Talk to Ben" note they showed in the
> >previews?

I think it was from Bobby.  Perhaps something to do with what he found
on the microcassette.  It may have contained the conversations between
Leo and Ben concerning the mill arson job?!?

FAR OUT THEORY: I think leo may have been trying to get back at Ben
for hiring Hank to kill him.  That was the most important thing he
wanted to do .. so that's what drives him to say new shoes, even in
his state... ?!?!?  Ok .. ok .. not that great a theory.

> >Who (in the preview) is Coop telling to "go in your room and lock
> >your door"?  Did he name Audrey?

Who else would he tell this to besides Audrey?


My thoughts exactly.

> >Well, ABC and Lynch did keep their promise....


And BOB did kill again as he promised .. Mike (Bobby's friend) also
showed up again ... finally.