Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Score not one, but two for the net!!!
From: mathews@sybil.cs.Buffalo.EDU (Ryan D Mathews)
Date: 1990-11-10, 23:27

I won't waste a lot of bandwidth making comments that are probably
going to be made a thousand times over. I'd just like to say...


I'd say that the grand majority of us believed that either BOB,
Leland, or Ben Horne killed Laura Palmer. We were all "right"!

Okay, so Ben Horne isn't guilty. He's far from innocent, as evidenced
by his reaction, and it fooled Cooper.

Also: I sat back and laughed at all the idiots who were stupid enough
to believe that Mr. Tojimura was (ha ha ha) Catherine Martell. That
had to be the most ridiculous theory I've ever heard in my life! But,
boy, am I eating crow now. I feel like the stupid one for being fooled
by the disguise.

So, come on group! Let's give ourselves a collective pat on the back.
(stretch, ugh) There.

I guess I can't resist a few comments:

-- I feel sorry for all the people who got "fed up" and quit. This
episode brought back all the emotions of the pilot, IMHO.

-- Is Josie coming back, you ask? Is that $5 million "cashier's check"
she holds onto a forgery, I ask back?

-- I got the feeling Maddie could see Leland as BOB.

-- I also feel that Lynch and Frost did an admirable job of "walking
the line" between fantasy and reality. Yes, BOB, the supernatual
entity, killed Laura, but so did Leland, the unsettled human being.
This, like so much in Twin Peaks, can be taken both ways.

-- Do you think that Jennifer Lynch was right that a careful reading
of the Secret Diary would reveal the killer? I finished the Diary with
the conviction that Leland had abused Laura, but beyond that...

-- I still wanna know BOB's motive, both for Laura's murder and those
of Sarah and Maddie.

			---------- Ryan Mathews
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