Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: TP:Lynch and Frost are Fucking Brilliant
From: (Jason F. Harvey)
Date: 1990-11-10, 20:32

Congratulations to all those who picked out Leland as |he culprit.  It was real
funny when they first showed BOB in the mirror.  A couple of people that were watching it started to scream and ran out of`the room.  I had been wondering how Lynch and company would keep the interest up.  Creating a new murder and leaving
everything unsolved was perfect.  And Piper Laurie finally got the credit at the end for her character.  Bravo to TP for the great lie.  Is it just me or does it seem like the best TP shows are when Lynch directs.

Since this show is still going to be interesting, I vote a resounding yes to whther or not there should be TP rec newsgroup.  All of us crowed into the TV room
and there were many who had no idea what was going on, but became addicted.  This leaves me with an incomplete feeling.  I am still not sure that Leland killed
 Laura.  I know that ABC said they would reveal it, but did they actually do this?  They showed that BOB invaded Leland and killed Maddy.  It is still completely possible that BOB invaded someone else.  If they would lie about the identity
of an actor(i.e. Piper Laurie) what make you think that they were truthful about the killer of Laura.  I personally think that Leland killed Laura, but what the excuse for Theresa Banks.

Also how did the information that Mike gave about BOB have in helping them.  They still haven't even found out who killed TLM(Theresa, Laura and Maddy).  It was nice to see Bobb{'s friend, Mike, back in the show.  Leo is ing to break out of his veggie state and kick ass, I can just feel it!  What exactly was the letter that was put underneqth Maddy's nail, an O or D?  I'm satisfied but not
completly certain that the truth was told.  Yet I am still addicted!!