Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: WOW!(11/10)
From: (Robert J. Knapp)
Date: 1990-11-10, 22:31

Just some random thoughts about 11/10:

Why were all those saliors in the great northern???

I think it might be to symbolize to the audience that Coop's on the
wrong track, none of the characters seemed to comment on this.

Tojumuro was real suprise there.  Though at first I
thought BOB was going to off Pete!

Leo's talking, what was the tape in the shoe anyway? The lead to the next plot?

I love the way that Leland was exposed, I was with a group of people and
the whole room started to scream when the camera panned to the mirror!

Still some unanswered questions though:

What's going on with Lucy?

Who shot Cooper?

Will Josie come back?

Will Cooper fall for Audrey?

			Rob "Physics major even if it kills me" Knapp