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Subject: Comments on episode 14 (SPOILERS)
From: jgp@rutabaga.Rational.COM (Jim Pellmann)
Date: 1990-11-11, 15:36

Warning!  Spoilers from episode 14 (11/10) follow:

- From the "previously on Twin Peaks" scenes:  the clue about Cooper's
  assailant having left vicuna fibers in the hallway was voiced over the scene
  of Leland picking the white hair from the stuffed animal in Ben's office.
  Clue or red herring?
- What is Gordon's "hush hush" business is Bend?  Speculation: Since Gordon
  thinks Cooper may be getting too involved in Twin Peaks, maybe he's going
  to the district office to arrange for some time off for Cooper.  Thus 
  being off-duty could actually give Cooper reason to stay in Twin Peaks
  longer (and reason for Albert to come back and take up the case).
- Philip/Mike convulses upon the arrival of Ben in the hotel lobby, and
  thus Cooper concludes "without chemicals, he points" means Philip/Mike is
  pointing to Ben.  But since we later find out Leland is BOB, why was he
  pointing to Ben?  *Was* he pointing to Ben?  
  After Senor Droolcup showed up at the roadhouse (see below), I thought
  perhaps Senor Droolcup was in the lobby and that's who Philip/Mike was
  pointing to.  But careful slow-mo review of the hotel lobby scene did not
  reveal his physical presence there.  I also thought Leland may have been in
  the lobby, but he was at home with Sarah and Maddy at the time.
  We have only seen Philip convulse when he is changing to Mike.  Since he
  is already in Mike persona at the hotel lobby, why would he convulse?
  Is he changing back to Philip?  Maybe he really wasn't pointing?
- Did everyone notice the detail on the picture in the Palmer living room
  as we pan into the scene where Maddy announces her planned departure:
  the words "Missoula, Montana".  Hence when Leland/BOB smashes Maddy's
  head into the picture, he says: "Leland says you're going back to
  Missoula, Montana!"
- Perfect Lynchism: "What a Wonderful World" playing on the record player.

- When Sarah and Leland tell Maddy she should come back and visit, Maddy
  says:  "I'll come *galloping* back often."
- Does Harold's suicide note imply he was/is Pierre Tremond, or are/were
  those two psychically linked?
- During the scene with Leo, Bobby, and Shelly: as Bobby indicated he was
  going to leave Shelly to fend for herself, I was struck with the notion
  that Leo is going to come back as a good guy.  Just a hunch.
- Why did Ben tell Audrey the truth about One-Eyed Jack's and Laura (or
  did he)?  It would seem in his best interest (and consistent with his
  character) to deny all involvement.
  By the way, this scene indicated how Lynch/Frost can manipulate previews
  slightly.  In last week's preview, we heard Audrey saying:
  "Did you kill her?  (pause)  Did you?"
  when in fact this week she asked Ben:
  "Did you sleep with her?  (pause)  Did you?" and then later 
  "Did you kill her?" (no "Did you?").

- Another hunch:  Has Nadine reverted (pretended to revert) to adolescence
  merely to prevent Ed from continuing his relationship with Norma?
- From the previews, Leo's tape seems to implicate Ben Horne since Bobby
  has a sudden interest in a "career in business".
- What is the implication of Ben not signing Catherine's contract but
  having given her $5 milllion to Josie?  Will Catherine ask for a cut in
  Ben's operations, or try to "bury him"?
- Was Ben going out for a baguette and brie sandwich?

- Margaret/Log's pronouncement "There are owls in the roadhouse" implies
  more than one.  If the giant is an owl, who else is?  Senor Droolcup?
  James? Donna? Bobby? Julee Cruise?  Notice that Margaret also saw the
  When we first see the back of Senor Droolcup at the bar (before the 
  giant appears), I thought the giant was sitting at the bar.  Is Senor
  Droolcup the human host for the giant?  For what was he sorry?  Ignoring
  Cooper while he was laying wounded in his room, or the attack on Maddy?

- The record player was left spinning, just like the one in the cabin.

- Why was Sarah crawling down the stairs?  Did she realize what was happening
  to Leland and try to prevent it?  Why did the vision of the horse cause her
  to collapse?  Why did Maddy think something was burning when she found
  Sarah?  (Sarah's form and the burning sound would seem to be what Maddy
  saw in her previous premonition.)
- The white spotlight only appeared as Leland was transforming into BOB.
  Yet, it did not appear when he was looking (smiling!) at himself in the
  mirror.  And it did accompany the horse vision.  Perhaps someone on the
  net will tell us in what other scenes (if any) the spotlight appeared.
- Now we have the letter O.  Can we assume Cooper was right and Leland (no
  white spotlight during fingernail insertion) is spelling Robertson?  Leland
  saying he saw BOB at Pearl Lakes as a child and Philip/Mike saying BOB has
  been around for 40 years implies that Twin Peaks' past history is going to
  be crucial to explaining BOB.
  Can you say MER-CHAN-DIS-ING?
  From an article on Twin Peaks merchandising by Tom Shales in the 
  Washington Post on 8/6/90: 
    "Scherer [chief executive officer of Lynch-Frost Productions] says
    it's the publishing ventures, rather than the merchandising, that
    really excite Lynch and Frost.  These projects include, in addition
    to the "Secret Diary," another book that will serve as a "prequel"
    to "Twin Peaks," recounting the entire history of the fictitious
    Northwest lumber town up to the moment when Laura Palmer's body
    was discovered.  Frost is writing it now as a sprawling saga a la
    James Michener."
- Is Maddy dead?  Is Sarah dead?  See 900 number transcript below.

- Ah yes.  More red curtains at the roadhouse.  When is that gum Cooper likes 
  going to come back in style?
- From the previews:

  - Who is the female figure with the flashlight (Audrey?  Donna?) and where 
    is she?

  - Back of Leland shown with Cooper's voiceover: "Will you be alright Leland?
    (Leland groans)"  So Leland/BOB will remain on the loose.  Well, they
    only told us that *we* would find out who killed Laura, not that any
    character would find out!
- When will we see Carol Lynley (Diane)?

- As end credits roll, Julee Cruise provides the final plea from Lynch/Frost
  to we viewers:  
  Don't go away
  Come back this way
  Come back and stay
  Forever and ever
  Please stay
  (now that we know who killed Laura.)
- Transcript of 900 number for this week:

[Trumpet playing is heard]

Andy:  Twin Peaks Sheriff Station.  Deputy Andy Brennan speaking.  Hi. I'm
       still here on the phones since Lucy is away.  I just sit here, pushing
       this button . . . then that one, playing my trumpet.
       [plays some more notes]
       I don't know how Lucy does it.  Yesterday I pushed the wrong button,
       shorted out the whole station house, and burned my finger.
       [phone rings, Andy answers it]
Lucy:  I'm not surprised.

Andy:  Lucy?

Lucy:  This is not a personal call, Deputy.  I'm calling to find out what
       happened last week.
Andy:  I got my trumpet from your apartment.

Lucy:  I mean in town.

Andy:  Oh, um, Harold Smith, that guy who Donna was trying to get Laura's
       secret diary from, hung himself from a rafter.
Lucy:  Oh!  How is he?

Andy:  Dead!

Lucy:  Oh Andy . . . Did you cry?

Andy:  No. Harry made me wait in the car.

Lucy:  Andy, I want to tell you that I think you are really . . .


Mystery Voice:  I'm back.  Time for business.  As the Deputy has told you,
       Smith is dead.  There goes another suspect.  I did like him.  He did,
       however, leave behind Laura's diary.  In it, she said that Killer BOB
       is a friend of her father's.  She then mentioned Ben Horne, and I
           One of these days I'm going to tell the world about Ben Horne.
       End quote.
       Speaking of old Ben, he and his loving daughter Audrey had a nice
       chat.  She told him that she knows all about One-Eyed Jack's and
       that Laura worked there.  Seems Ben and Laura were more than just
       casual friends.  He slept with her.  Though he did claim he loved 
       her.  Audrey then told Cooper, who then told Harry, who then . . .
       well, let's just say Ben is now safely behind bars.
       Oh and there's something else:  Big Ed and Nadine went for malts
       at the Double R.  Nadine is still having a little trouble with time.
       Oh and here's a good one:  That strange Asian man Tojamura is even
       stranger than I thought.  It's Catherine Martell, and I think she's
       planning to really stick it to Ben Horne.
       There's one more item.  Oh, wait . . .

Lucy:  There!  I said it.

Andy:  Said what?  The line went dead.  I didn't hear a thing.

Lucy:  Men! [hangs up]

Andy:  Lucy?  Oh jeepers!  [plays trumpet]

Mystery Voice:  One last thing.  BOB has killed again.  Call again next
       Sunday.  I'll be back.
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