Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: PLAYBOY Magazine and Maddie/w/Biker Guy
From: macapag@WILIKI.ENG.HAWAII.EDU (Victorino Macapagal)
Date: 1990-11-11, 03:18

Has anyone noticed the real life actor who plays the character Audrey on the
front cover of this month's PLAYBOY magazine?  The store was closing when I was
there so I didn't have time to pick it off the rack and leaf through it to find
out if she actually poses nude.  Does she?

I also saw the same actor posing with Billy Idol on the front cover of another
magazine.  I forget the name of it, I think it began with "In" something...  So
what's that all about?

In Re: to 11/10 episode...

Why was Donna and the Biker Guy crying?  I guess Donna might have been crying
because of Harold's (the Flower Boy) death, but what about the Biker Guy?  That
made it look suspicious, like they knew that Maddie was being attacked by BOB.
Or was the biker guy just going along with Donna's crying about Harold?

Questions and more questions...too many questions....everyone has questsion...
that's how David Lynch is going to keep us around even after we know who killed
Laura Palmer...

Excellent episode...too bad all the weak minded souls out there in tv audience
land are going to shy away from Twin Peaks.  It just too much for the brain..