Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: questions
From: (Joe Salmons)
Date: 1990-11-11, 07:34

What's going on with the perspective when Maddy enters the room? As soon as
she sees Leland, he turns into Bob.  Does this mean that she's damned--since
the OAM said the damned could see Bob's real face?  Maddy didn't strike me as
gifted in the right sense and wasn't that the OAM's other category of people
who could see Bob?

Do the parallels between Laura and Maddy feed into some weird symmetry here
or what?  Series starts with Laura's murder, then the big "resolution" comes 
with the murder of her more-or-less double.  
How mobile is Bob anyway?  I certainly see no reason to assume that he's been
in Leland the whole time--the Great Northern scene with Ben is just one ex--
but how much does he get around?  Any evidence or pure speculation?

Glad somebody already suggested that the military people were the owls. It's
a wild idea, but something about the hats.  Is it also sort of the way that
Lynch introduces new things to the show sometimes?  They also were the only
really salient group in the place, although that probably doesn't matter in
a Lynch show.