Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Re: 11/10 episode.spoiler.
From: (Keith Miyake)
Date: 1990-11-11, 00:38

In article <> (Benjamin Banik) writes:
> >Although I found episode 11/10 to be very satisfying, can we really
> >tell who killed Laura Palmer?

No, but if it wasn't Leland, Bob Iger and the ABC publicity folks will
have a lot of explaining to do.  They said we'd know who the killer was.
I don't think there's sufficient evidence to point to Ben.  

   * We saw Leland as BOB.        * OAM fell down when Ben walked in

Which is more concrete to the average reader of _TV Guide_?

> >I say Maddie is not dead!

We'll see.  Personally, I think this will be the first "good" character
that gets killed off.  She didn't have an excuse to stay in town, and
the killing off of a "good" character every once in a while is neccessary
to keep tension up.

> >Why was almost every "important" character at the roadhouse?  

Maybe because it was written by Mark Frost.  Remember the season
finale last year?

xxx <<-- probably my favorite episode this season.