Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Re: A Brand New TP, at last
Date: 1990-11-11, 13:00

I don't know for certain that the Maddy is Laura idea is dead. To be
honest I bet I'm wrong, since everyone else seems to agree that Leland
said, "Leland're going back to Missoula, MONTANA!", but I heard
"...back to daughter!" Could be just a little extra ear wax.

If he did say daughter, It seems to fit with all the lament Leland had
regarding Laura's death. Also, when BOB was 'dancing' with Maddy after 
popping her good in the throat, there were juxtopositions of Leland
crying, and BOB laughing and kissing Maddy. Almost as though BOB had 
decided he wanted Laura around he could accomplish that by 
killing Maddy had me pretty confused until I remembered something Donna
had said at Laura's gravesite: "They didn't bury you deep enough!" Something
tells me that might come back to be important. Maybe some sort of soul-switch
or something. After all, there HAVE been the repeated references to Maddy
and Laura as the same: 'I feel like she is me, but sometimes my arms bend
back.'  There was no 'ritual' about Maddy's death as there seemed to be
with Laura's. Maybe that ritual allowed for some sort of ressurection.  Or 
maybe I'm high. 

Other thoughts:

Sarah Palmer (if alive) has a truckload to tell us about Leland. (Ditto for
Log Lady, and probably the grandson Tremond (creamed corn wizard).

I think Maddy is deader than a doorknob. Not sure about Sarah. 

Why did someone post the idea that Harold killed himself becuase Donna
had betrayed (contaminated) him? Laura, in her diary says she FORCED 
Harold to sleep with her, and enjoyed his fear while doing so. If being
raped by LAURA isn't 'contamination', then I don't know what is. Why would
he have killed himself after Donna, and not Laura? 

At the Roadhouse: I agree. The moment I saw the bowtie, I said to myself
that Sr. Drool Cup = Giant. "It is happening again." refers to the fact that
BOB is killing again...serves to tell Coop that BOB is not yet captured.
The Giant saying he is sorry is sort of telling Cooper ahead of time that
he is going to find out something and regret his mistake/lack of foresight.
The Log Lady definitely saw the Giant. Her eyes got twice as wide, she turned
toward the stage, and gripped her log. Dunno if she saw Giant as a threat, 
as someone she had already seen, or just as a startling vision.
I think Donna starts crying becuse she feels the loss of Maddy...not Harold.
She had finished brooding about Harold, and James convinces her it's not her
fault, and she started singing along the love song to James. Later, she starts
crying again. Bobby and Drool Cup also feel the loss...and I think Cooper 
senses a strange feeling too (not becuase the giant appears)...of Maddy. I
think it IS that specific. Bobby knew Laura pretty damned well...well enough
to feel a loss like that.

I think it is entirely possible that Laura was Ben's daughter, but I think 
more likely is the idea that Jeff Bone proposed...the town has sort of a 
collection of benign, and evil spirits. I'd like to take it one step further
and say the WHOLE TOWN  *is* that collection. Ever hear anyone warn another
townsperson about 'the strange woods' or 'the owls'? They only warn Cooper.
They all probably know something is amiss, (even Truman) only some have a
little more ability to affect things than others. I think everyone knows a 
lot more than they are willing to speak of. 

I also like the idea of the Michael Robertson splitting into a MIKE and BOB.
Kind of mirrors some other spirit splitting into a MADDY and LAURA (also one
good, one bad).