Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Re: Before he was taken away, Ben said
From: (Keith Miyake)
Date: 1990-11-11, 12:07

In article <16308@csli.Stanford.EDU> alper@csli.Stanford.EDU (Ted Alper) writes:
> >his agents had checked out Tojimura in
> >Tokyo. Since Jerry is supposedly the one
> >doing this checking, does this mean he's
> >deliberately giving false information to
> >his brother? 

Remember we saw Mr. Tojimura's assistant go into his room at the
Great Northern last season.  My guess is that *he* represents the
Lollipop Guild, er, the Asian investment firm, and that Catherine
struck a deal with him somehow.  Of course, this still doesn't 
answer what Catherine was supposed to get out of the deal, but 
it gives us an explanation for Jerry's message, the cashier's check,
etc.  Add to that the fact that the theory's probably 100% wrong.