Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Re: Comments on episode 14 (SPOILERS)
From: horny@ucscl.UCSC.EDU (Michael Kaye)
Date: 1990-11-11, 18:03

In article  jgp@rutabaga.Rational.COM (Jim Pellmann) writes:
> >Warning!  Spoilers from episode 14 (11/10) follow:
> >
> >- Did everyone notice the detail on the picture in the Palmer living room
> >  as we pan into the scene where Maddy announces her planned departure:
> >  the words "Missoula, Montana".  Hence when Leland/BOB smashes Maddy's
> >  head into the picture, he says: "Leland says you're going back to
> >  Missoula, Montana!"

A friend sitting next to me pointed this out... it's true.  The picture
is of an Elk with Hornes.   (It's probably not an Elk, I'm just
too backward to know exactly what it was)
The horns image is driving me batty, it is everywhere in TP.

> >  
> >- Perfect Lynchism: "What a Wonderful World" playing on the record player.

What did you think of that noise like popcorn when One Armed Mike was
checking for BOB?  You couldn't tell what the noise was, and then when the
camera pulled back you discovered it was all these sailors bouncing balls(?!?).

> >- Does Harold's suicide note imply he was/is Pierre Tremond, or are/were
> >  those two psychically linked?

They were neighbors, maybe this isn't a coincidence.  
Maybe there is a connection between the owl that tells Harold he'll 
die if he leaves, and Pierre?  I've always wondered about Pierre,
He could be good or bad.  He could be some spirit being or just some 
dumb kid.  I wondered if Harold didn't really commit suicide, and BOB 
had something to do with his "suicide".  I wonder if they checked the 
handwriting on the note against Harold's other writing in the room?

> >- During the scene with Leo, Bobby, and Shelly: as Bobby indicated he was
> >  going to leave Shelly to fend for herself, I was struck with the notion
> >  that Leo is going to come back as a good guy.  Just a hunch.

It would be interesting if he found Jesus Christ in his heart.  Or BOB.
It'd be just as interesting if he came to as good old Leo though..
I was really glad to see Mike (bobby's friend) again...   Glad to see
they didn't forget him.  I wonder if he is going to have another 
confrontation with Donna, or James?

> >- [Ben]

They just held Ben for questioning, no charges yet.  (right?)
Well they better not have pressed charges yet, their evidence is
absurdly weak so far.  I wonder if he will volunteer for a blood test, 
or if they can legally force him?  I'm sure there are lots of other
ways they could establish his likely guilt or innocence of course.

> >- From the previews, Leo's tape seems to implicate Ben Horne since Bobby
> >  has a sudden interest in a "career in business".

I thought this too.

> >- Margaret/Log's pronouncement "There are owls in the roadhouse" implies
> >  more than one.  

There have been other things to suggest that there is more than one owl.
BOB says that owls told him about Laura's behaivior one night in the diary.
The Log Lady seems to use the plural when referring to owls--
"sometimes owls are big." "the owls won't see us in here"
The Giant's "the owls are not what they seem".

An owl nearly killed Laura in the diary, after Laura taunted BOB.

I figure either
1) the owls are associated with BOB only  or
2) the owls are associated with BOB and every other spirit being in town,
   both good and bad alike,  or
3) the owls are associated with BOB and other evil spirits only.

I haven't decided if Mike and BOB are the only spirit beings in town,
or if there are a whole slew of them.  I think BOB is the only
evil spirit directly affecting TP people, but there might be more
who hang out in owls.  Perhaps Laura is hanging out in an owl.

> >  When we first see the back of Senor Droolcup at the bar (before the 
> >  giant appears), I thought the giant was sitting at the bar.  Is Senor
> >  Droolcup the human host for the giant?  

Sounds good to me.

> >For what was he sorry?  

For Maddy playing the gameshow BOB hosts, a kind of "wheel of fortune",
and buying a vowel.  (Maddy did buy an "o", as this poster says)

> >- The record player was left spinning, just like the one in the cabin.

There was a sound similar to the high pitched humming sound in the dream
Coop has of Laura and the Dwarf too.  Also a crackling sound like in
Maddy's carpet vision.  Maddy said she smelled something burning, as 
Jacoby did when Leland smothered Jacques.  This makes me think BOB 
possessed Leland to kill Jacques.
> >- Why was Sarah crawling down the stairs?  Did she realize what was happening
> >  to Leland and try to prevent it?  

Leland/BOB drugged her maybe?  Knowing that Leland molested Laura many times
before, I think what happened to Sarah in this scene may have happened before.
Sarah gets knocked out and Leland goes to torment Laura.  It would fit.

> >  Why did the vision of the horse cause her to collapse?  

I don't think it did.  I think something Leland did made her collapse.
The familiarity she had with the horse gave me more reason to think
it was Troy.

> >- Now we have the letter O.  Can we assume Cooper was right and Leland (no
> >  white spotlight during fingernail insertion) is spelling Robertson?  

Robert works just as well.
The fellow with the "Black Magic" theory, console cowboy,
(#4 on the quiz competition list) had the neat idea that BOB was 
sacrificing victims to satan to gain something from him.  
I don't think "satan" is involved though.  I like the idea of the letters 
being some evil magic ritual sacrifice to get BOB something he needs or wants.

> >  [TP prequel]
> >  Can you say MER-CHAN-DIS-ING?

When I first heard about the diary, I was dissapointed.  I really thought
it would be a cheap gimmick.  It turned out to be _fantastic_ though,
and all the people I have lent it to feel the same way.  I still would
strongly reccomend it everyone stuck on Twin Peaks.  It's still the 
#1 trade paperback in the nation.  If they do as good a job with the 
prequel, I'll look forward to it.  God I hope it isn't tacky.

My humble apologies as always if this post is rambling or incoherant.

Michael Kaye