Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Re: questions
From: (R o d Johnson)
Date: 1990-11-11, 08:18

In article <> (Joe Salmons) writes:
> >How mobile is Bob anyway?  I certainly see no reason to assume that he's been
> >in Leland the whole time--the Great Northern scene with Ben is just one ex--

You know, everyone seems to be accepting Cooper's idea that the OAM's
"seizure" really does "point" at Ben.  Have we all forgotten how thick
the red herrings in this show can get?  Remember the scene: Ben's
walking down the hall, preceded by his cigar, when Mike's seizure
starts--long before Ben actually emerges into the lobby you can hear
Mike starting to go "hbbuuuhh. . ."  After he collapses, the next shot
is a Hitchcockian dolly shot from the length of the room, rolling back
into the crowd.  Very reminiscent of the great crane shot in "Frenzy",
for those of you who care about such things.  Anyway, one might well
ask whose viewpoint the camera is showing.  It might be no one, of
course, just a standard Lynch distancing shot; on the other hand, it
might be someone who has just decided to dicreetly fade from the scene
now that he's accomplished his task--to take out Mike.  Perhaps even a
disembodied spirit.  We've seen a similar dolly shot in the first show
of the second season, just before Ronette had her nightmare, which we
can also interpret as an "attack".  

So I say Ben isn't BOBish at all--Cooper has missed it, and we the
viewers have once again been snookered into watching the wrong hand
while the magician gets his trick ready with the other.

That said, I miss the old Cooper, the one who saw through people's
bullshit and never missed a trick.  This season Holmes is looking
awfully like Watson.  Or worse.  Through most of the last two shows,
he's looked distinctly confused.  Is Coop going to pieces, losing it
under the pressure of too much weirdness?  I want my Cooper back!

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