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Subject: Re: Sarah Palmer?
From: ( )
Date: 1990-11-11, 08:08

In article <>, (Richard L. Carreiro) writes:

[stuff deleted]

> > 2) why do so many people think Sarah is dead/near death?  She seems unharmed
> > (for now, anyways).  I thought she passed out from the effort of crawling
> > down the stairs and generic psychic trauma.  And I think Maddy'll turn up
> > dead, but I'm not sure why, unless Leland finishes her.  Granted I've never
> > been beaten up by a possessed man, but none of what he did to her
> > struck me as fatal, though granted she might bleed to death (also, if he

 She may well be dead after 1) getting her larynx crushed by a horrific
 punch to the windpipe, 2) getting her head nearly rammed through a
 wall and 3) other unseen terrible things (implied while the camera was
 at the roadhouse) that caused via psychic link a simultaneous outpouring
 of grief by her friends Donna and James.

 Was the name of the band at the Roadhouse "The Owls"?