Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Re: The Singer at GN
From: horny@ucscl.UCSC.EDU (Michael Kaye)
Date: 1990-11-11, 18:15

In article <> (Paul Shawcroft) writes:
> >
> >Yes, yes, the last episode affirmed what we knew already--
> >Lynch and Frost are brilliant.  They solved the murder but not
> >the mystery.  I love it!!

I loved it too.  I'm really confident now in TP's ability to hold its
audiences interest, but you never know. 

> >In the last episode, there were a lot of closeups on the vocalist
> >at the Great Northern.  And Cooper seemed to be listening
> >intently to the music.  Is there some strange message embedded
> >in the lyrics of the songs the band was playing?

I think they might be significant.  The lyrics were written 
by David Lynch, as are all of the songs on the TP soundtrack and Julee 
Cruises "Floating into the night".  Maybe I'll post the lyrics to select 
songs from Floating into the night and the TP soundtrack if I get a chance.
Some of them seem more relevant to TP than others.  I really hope they 
use the "Swan" song from Julee Cruises Floating into the night sometime 
in the show, it's so evocative.  I'd like to see Into the Night used 
again too.  I must sound like an advertising commercial for TP merchandise.
It's all great stuff, so far.  (actually I haven't heard the diane tapes yet)

Michael Kaye