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Subject: Re: TP 11/10/90 *SPOILERS* from hell!
From: joe [Joe Zitt]
Date: 1990-11-11, 15:45
Newsgroups:, (Bernie Roehl) writes:

> > In article <> (Ric
>> > >There's a new letter under the's an "O."
> > 
> > How do we know this?  Did I miss something?
> > 
Leland slips the letter under Maddy's fingernail in a close up. (The 
letter is stuck on the end of an exacto knife.

>> > >Is Maddy dead?
> > 
> > Yes... and somehow, Donna seems to know it.  So does Senor Drool Cup, and
> > Bobby knows something weird's going down.
> > 
I have a gut feeling that while Maddy may not be dead, Sarah is.

>> > >So, is the giant an owl?
> > 
> > Yes, I think so.
> > 
>> > >What was Senor Drool Cup doing at the Roadhouse?

I think that the Giant, Senor Drool Cup, and the singer are all owls. The 
singer's lyrics often seem oddly appropriate to the situation (I think 
Lynch is one of the best lyricists I've heard in years -- does anyone 
know whether he, Cruise, or Badalamenti have any other recordings?)

Goofy question #90125: My TV's resolution isn't that good, but the 
guitarist in the band looked a lot like Adrian Belew. Could that be? 
Could he have done it as a goof? (I know the band on the stage was not 
the band on the recording, as the drummer looks nothing like Grady Tate.)
>> > >What exactly was the OAM screaming as he fainted in the Great Northern?
>> > >Was it "I'm being attacked?"
> > 
> > Don't know -- but I *did* notice that during the attack, BOB said "Leland
> > told me you were going to ???, Minnesota".

I think it was "Leland says you're going to Missoula... Montana!"

(How far would it be from Missoula to Twin Peaks?)

> > 
>> > >Looks like the creamed-corn kid was speaking of Harold - and yes, we
>> > >now have the definitive translation of that phrase.
> > 
> > Thank goodness.  (I'm almost convined now that Lynch reads the net.  He
> > got Cooper to enunciate the French *very* clearly and give a translation
> > right afterwards.  None of this "pomme de terre" nonsense).
> > 
I noticed that Cooper did >not< enunciate the same phrase exactly -- 
there was a consonant (possibly a "t") between "J`ai" and "une". I think 
this was just a glitch on McLachlan's part.

Speaking of glitches, Ben's glasses fell off when the cops grabbed him, 
and they all walked out without retrieving them, yet he was wearing them 
when they entered the station. (Of course, he may have been carrying a 
spare pair, or someone may have gone back for them, but it struck me as 
an appropriately niggling NetNit.

>> > >Is Leland posessed, or is he just your average run-of-the-mill psycho?
> > 
> > It's worth noting that Maddy saw both her uncle *and* the true face of BOB.
> > Both Leland and Maddy saw the same thing... this, to me, bespeaks the
> > supernatural.
For me, the scariest shot was when BOB's disembodied head was 
superimposedover Lelands for a flash. Did everyone in the Roadhouse see 
the Giant, or only Cooper, Margaret, and Senor DC?

BTW, is the Roadhouse also the Bang Bang Bar? I had thought they were 
different places.

I was greatly saddened by Harold Smith's death -- he was by far my 
favorite character (with Margaret running a close second).

>> > >Well, ABC and Lynch did keep their promise....
> > 
> > True.

... and how!

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