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Subject: Re: TP 11/10/90 *SPOILERS* from hell!
From: (News system owner ID)
Date: 1990-11-11, 19:35
Reply-to: ingria@BBN.COM

In article <> (Brett J. Vickers) writes:

				 When do we get a Twin Peaks Soundtrack
   Part II?  I want those two Julee Cruise songs.

The songs are ``Rockin' Back Inside My Heart'' and ``The World
Spins''.  Both are on the Julee Cruise album (I wonder if Julee will
eventually perform all the songs from her album at The Roadhouse?)
They also both appear in the Lynch/Badalamenti ``Industrial Symphony
No. 1'' (``Rockin' Back Inside My Heart'' is performed by Julee while
she's sitting in the trunk of a car!), a very disturbing piece.


``I find adherence to fantasy troubling and unreasonable.''