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Subject: Re: TP: OAM question
From: (Cisco's Buddy)
Date: 1990-11-11, 19:27

In article , (Robert Steven Glickstein) writes...

} Hawk spots the One-Armed Man in the hospital, follows him, and loses him
} in episode 1/1.  He reports this to Cooper in the beginning of 1/2. 
} Cooper has his dream at the end of 1/2.

} Question:  Why did Hawk follow the One-Armed Man, and why did Cooper
} seem to think that Hawk's discovery of a one-armed man was so revealing?
} By that point in the story, there had been absolutely nothing *a propos*
} a one-armed man.  What, at that point, made Philip Gerard worthy of
} investigation?

Hawk noticed a strange individual in the ICU area and decided to check him
out. Probably an instinctual thing.

Cooper didn't think anything particularly significant about an OAM until
after he had the dream. At that point, he figured that the OAM may be a
piece of the puzzle and had Hawk out trying to track him down.

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