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Subject: Re: what happened 40 years ago?
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Date: 1990-11-11, 02:16

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Okay - now that the facts are a bit clearer (or muddier if you wish)
I want to cover one thing.
Mike indicated that two types of folks could see Bob - the gifted and
the dammed.  I dont know WHY I didnt think of this last week :-(, but
lets look at who has seen Bob and analyze that statement:

Sarah is the first one that we the viewers know who sees Bob in a vision.
Cooper is the next one - who sees Bob in a dream.
Next, Lynch has the diary published, and we find out that Laura has
seen Bob (I think - I havent read it).
Maddie sees Bob in a vision.
Ronnette is questioned and indicates that she recognizes Bob.
Leland indicates that when he was young he knew Bob.
Phillip Gerard (and also Mike) indicates they know Bob from his
true face.

I think that we should consider the folks seeing Bob in a dream or
vision as gifted.  From the description of what Laura and Ronnette
have gone thru, I consider them in the dammed category.  Phillip
also fits into that category.

So only Leland is left - and as of tonite, we know that he also fits
into the dammed category.
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