Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Sarah Palmer?
From: (Richard L. Carreiro)
Date: 1990-11-11, 02:03


A couple of things confusing me....

1) what was the deal with Sarah Palmer?  Did Leland beat her up and she came
down after him?  Or was he in bed and then got up, and she wanted to know what
the hell was happening?  I'm sure she didn;t go through all that just to turn
off the phonograph. :-)

2) why do so many people think Sarah is dead/near death?  She seems unharmed
(for now, anyways).  I thought she passed out from the effort of crawling
down the stairs and generic psychic trauma.  And I think Maddy'll turn up
dead, but I'm not sure why, unless Leland finishes her.  Granted I've never
been beaten up by a possessed man, but none of what he did to her
struck me as fatal, though granted she might bleed to death (also, if he
cracked one of her ribs while punching her, that could do some serious
internal damage).	

3) Is the smell that Maddy mentions a manifestation of BOB, or is something
really burning?

4) when Leland was "dancing" with Maddy and crying, was it BOB or Leland 
doing that?

5) devil's advocate - all the episode really told us is that BOB killed
Laura (and that's by inference) and that Leland/BOB tried
(succeeded?) to kill Maddy.  Did Leland (or his body, anyways) kill
Laura?  Did he kill Theresa Banks?  Why didn't BOB kill Ronette in
the hospital when he stuck the letter under her nail?

6) There's one shot of Maddy screaming, with blood in her mouth that
brought to mind the shot of Laura screaming from the 2nd season opener.
Neat job.

7) Is Leland oblivious to BOB?  BOB certainly seems to be able to
know what Leland is doing ("Leland says you're going back to Missoula,

Ah, well - don't go crazy analyzing these - I'm just curious as to what
people thing and how their ideas match up to mine...

Those above aren't so much "ack!  I have to know!" questions as they are
"what are my fellow netters thinking."  I don't view TP as something
to analyze frame-by-frame, nor to discuss cinemetography and other
esoteric points.  I like TP mainly because (moreso than most current shows)
it gives the viewers something to talk about afterwards.  Whether the
talk is insightful or banal is somewhat irrelevant - it's something to
talk about.  That it's usually interesting is an added plus.

Other stuff...
They almost had me thinking Ben did it, especially when he took so long
to answer Audrey's question.

Was the Log Lady in on Coop's vision, or did time stop for her, too?

It'll be interesting to see what they do with Ray Wise (Leland).  I can't
see how they can keep him in the show.  Granted, they could have Coop 
taking the rest of the season to realize about Leland, but I hope that
doesn't happen, as it'd be a real piss-off.  I figure they'll just have
to write Leland out (and killing off Sarah and Maddy would indeed be
a good way of disposing with the entire Palmer family (in the Twin Peaks
area, anyways) in one fell swoop).

Poor Big Ed - "kiss you to death" indeed.  I still think Nadine will
figure into one of the BOB or Hank plots, eventually.

And what of the Log Lady's husband......

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