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Subject: So now, The Question is...
From: jguy@lilith.EBay.Sun.COM (Jeff Bone)
Date: 1990-11-11, 01:55

...can Lynch/Frost make a meaningful story that hangs together out of
all of these pieces?

Here's a few things we know:

	(1)  TP is filled with (secrets? ;)  spirit beings which
	     sometimes inhabit/interact with the townspeople.

	(2)  TP has more than a normal proportion of "sensitives"
	     or psychics.

	(3)  The military is conducting secret research in/around
	     TP involving monitoring radio transmissions.

	(4)  The spirit beings seem to be divided between benign
	     creatures and BOB/The Evil in the Woods (one and
	     the same?)

	(5)  The spirits can possess a host against its wishes;
	     this can be prevented by application of a drug
	     which is also used to treat MPD (multiple
	     personality disorder).

	(6)  Ronette was visited in the hospital and subjected
	     to (presumably interrupted) ritual behavior ---
	     hence the letter.

	(7)  At or around the time #6 was occurring, someone
	     administered the aforementioned drug --- to keep
	     another spirit from inhabiting Ronette?

	(8)  The benign spirits seem unable to intervene in
	     the events occurring in the town on a physical
	     level or even through their hosts --- hence
	     Cooper's dreams and visitations.

	(9)  The evil spirits, on the other hand, use their
	     hosts to interact with the townspeople on a
	     physical level.  Is their some ettiquette
	     involved here, or are the benign and evil spirits
	     somehow fundamentally different?

	     Actually, #8 may not be true.  "Mike" is a
	     benign spirit (presumably).  He is attempting
	     to "stop" BOB, presumably in a physical sense.

	     How does Mike relate to the "owls"?  What are
	     his motivations and alignment? 

A few things we need to know:

	(1)  Where did the radio transmissions (the Major's
	     message) come from, and why?

	(2)  Why is TP such a spiritually active place?
	     What's going on in the spirit world around

	(3)  What's the military's role in all of this?
	     Do they know "what's up" in/around TP?
	     Who else knows?

	(4)  How does Teresa Banks fit into this?  What's
	     the significance of BOB's ritual?

	(5)  How do BOB's activities relate to the overall
	     (supposed) conflict in the spirit world around

	(6)  Are the spirits "bound" in some way to their
	     hosts, or can they alternate hosts?  Are we
	     to assume that the body BOB used in Laura's
	     murder was , or could he have used 
	     some other host?

	(7)  What role do the "owls" play in all of this?

	(8)  What was happening to Sarah during the "attack"
	     in tonight's (11/10) episode, and what was the
	     burning smell?  Did Donna/Bobby know what had
	     happened in some way?  Why and how?  Are they

        (9)  Are we to assume that Coop misinterpreted the
	     Giant's "without chemicals he points" clue and
	     if so, what *did* it mean?  How does the "wooden
	     house/many rooms clue fit?"  What's the meaning
	     of "nearly forty years"?  How do Philip Gerard's
	     seizures relate to his being a host/the process
	     of inhabitation/possession?

All in all, just like Twin Peaks --- give us an answer that's not
quite an answer and raises a host of other questions...  I'm even more
hooked now than ever before...

Just 152.5 hours to go 'til our next fix! ;)   Next time.....

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