Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Thoughts at 4AM after
From: starpath@falseface.MIT.EDU (David E Hollingsworth)
Date: 1990-11-11, 02:49

Well, it has been several hours since the grand unveiling.  After TP I
went and saw Rocky Horror--probably not a good idea.  The juxtaposition
was enough for a rather moderate mindf.  However, despite all of the
'obvious' answers, I want to mention some points of concern, and offer a few
quick guesses:

1)	A great number of clues point (as well as the OAM) to Ben as the killer,
but Leland is shown to be the host to BOB at the end.  When Leland is in the
bathroom, just before he smiles (and everyone runs :-), is BOB jumping from Ben
to Leland (popular opinion among my friends), or merely taking control of
Leland again?  (My personal choice)

2)	Now that Catherine is for real, what about her companion?  Is Jerry's
letter real?  What about the check?  And, of course, how did she get all of
this prepared so quickly.  It wasn't until the 5th or 6th episode in the
first season that she finds out about Ben screwing her over, and even if she
started planning this then, it was rather convenient that she could go away
for a little while without causing Ben worry.

3)	What are the owls?  The giant could be an owl, but plural?  Senor Drool
Cup, as someone suggested, makes a great host for the giant, but perhaps he's
just another owl...   My personal choice is that Julie Cruse is the giant's
host.  BTW, the log lady was definitely animate when the giant appeared, but
the log didn't scream at her, and I think the log doesn't like owls.  There
is a great number of military personnel in this episode.  It's rather cheesy,
but my current guess is that the military is the owls.  Remember, Major
Briggs was the one to deliver the space message.  Oh, and I kept waiting for
Senor Drool Cup to give Coop his ring back.  *sigh*

4)	Is Leo devious enough to manipulate Bobby?  Nahh...probably just a few
latent brain cells acting up.  Funny, though-- "New shoes."  I think Leo was
'trying' (sort of) to indicate the boots with the coke in it, and that the
tape (taken out of old shoes, you will note) was found there simply because
Leo never thought of any place to hide things besides in shoes.

5)	It wasn't clear to me that Maddie was dead, but I guess BOB is much
more familiar with such things.  It just doesn't match well for me:  "Let's
see, last time I killed via blood loss from multiple stab wounds...this time
I'll just bash her head against the wall!"  I suppose that Leland could still
do things to ensure her death, but want to tag her with the "O" right away.
And Leland apparently has an X-ACTO knife and the letter "O" prepared already.
Is there a noticible spot for time to lapse for Leland to get such things
after killing Maddie?  Someone pointed out this still means that BOB still had
quite a few hours to get from Ben to Leland.

6)	We never saw Harold's face.  No one who was there when the body was
recovered had ever seen Harold's face before.  On the other hand, who else was
unfamiliar enough to have died and not be recognized?  I loved that bit though
with two shots of the hanging body, switch to a scene with "what a wonderful
world" (or whatever the title is) playing on the record player, then back to
Harold's place.  The skipping record all through the end kept reminding me of

7)	Did Leland/BOB get Mrs. Palmer, or was she just getting so much
visionary stuff that she was physically affected?  I kept wanting to yell at
both her and Maddie, "C'mon 'gifted,' use your power to fight the 'damned'",
when I realized that perhaps BOB is the gifted (he has power), and they are
the damned.  (No real power, but certainly affected negatively by all this!)

8)	Randomness: Why is Mike back?  Where is Hank?  Didn'tja just feel
sorry for Big Ed?  Why was Nadine staring at her bloody hand--not at all what
I would expect out of her as a schoolgirl.  What about Josie?  Jean?  And, of
course, who will we see first: Diane, or Wyndham Earle?

	That's it for now...
	David Hollingsworth