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Subject: TP Mysteries
From: (Patrick R. Brown)
Date: 1990-11-11, 10:35
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About the death (probably) of Maddie:

Did anyone notice that the picture which Leland/BOB rammed Maddie into
was the same one featured at the beginning of the "What a Wonderful
World (Maddie's leaving)" scene?  If you look at the picture up close, it
has the words "Missoula, Montana" on it.  When Leland/BOB talked about
sending her back to "Missoula... MONTANA!" he wasn't just speaking

What's the deal with Sarah?  Is she dead (my wife and I don't think so)?
Does she know about Leland and BOB's close personal relationship?  Several
times last season she seemed appalled by Leland's behaviour  ("Don't ruin
this too").  Was she so "wiped out" in the last scenes of the episode
because she knew Leland was up to his old tricks again?  It is interesting
to note that when Maddie said she was leaving, Leland was almost enthusiastic
while Sarah seemed apprehensive and confused by Leland's behaviour.  The
possibilities are:
	(1) Sarah is dead
	(2) Sarah is alive and oblivious to everything
	(3) Sarah is alive and knew what Leland/BOB was going to do and
	    was afraid of it...
	(4) like (3) above and she is involved in some way
I believe (3) is the most likely possibility.  Two other questions:
	- Why was Sarah calling out to Leland as she was crawling down
	  the steps?
	- What does the white horse have to do with any of this?

As for the theory that Leland was possessed by BOB after Ben was arrested,
it would seem unlikely because of all the preparation Leland took (gloves,
X-acto knife).

Seeing Leland with BOB in the mirror was reminiscient of some scenes
from "Quantum Leap."  Could it be that BOB is the Sam's evil counterpart?
Does this suggest some kind of relationship between Al (the QL observer)
and Mike?  Maybe ABC is going to move TP to Friday nights (maybe better
ratings???)   NAAAAAH...
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