Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: A few clues no one seemed to mention
Date: 1990-11-14, 19:22

  So the news is out and everybody's talking.

  Some clues you seemed to miss:

  When Leland went into the Sherrif's office to tell them that he had seen
Bob before, did any of you notice how *accurately* he tossed that match?

  Leland was fine and in control of himself -in fact, he was the one supporting
Sarah- until Sarah saw Bob watching her (while hugging Donna) and Maddy

  Maddy was in no real danger until she decided to leave. Bob was watching 
her, yes, but wasn't planning to move on her until people would think she was
missing because she had gone home...

  I forgot where Leland said that house was, or what the name of the lake was,
but did any of you catch his reference to Maddy about "wouldn't it be nice if
this was all just another vacation.." TO THAT VERY PLACE????

  Postulation: Laura and Maddy may both have been abused by Leland. Maybe they
were even really sisters in stead of cousins. Odd to notice that Maddy already
had an apartment while Laura was still in high school, but supposedly they 
were the same age. Did Theresa Banks vacation at that lake too? Or maybe even
live in the vicinity? Possibly Leland killed Jaque because he was afraid that
J. had really NOT been unconscious when he took the girls to the train car.
I also wonder if Leo has been so reluctant to talk (before the coma, that is)
because Leland "caught" him with Laura and has been threatening him ever since.

  What is Hank doing with a police badge?

  Oh well. I probably haven't said anything new but I did NOT have time to read
the reams and reams of STUFF people wrote here.

				Good Night, loves.

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