Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: OAM's reaction to Ben...
From: (S. A. Wilson)
Date: 1990-11-14, 13:45

Maybe the OAM/MIKE was reacting to Ben entering into the room, not
because BOB was in Ben, but because Ben has had contact with
BOB. The privous episode the OAM/MIKE gave the clue about the Great
Northern, many think that he was referring to Leland, since he
was there; I believe this to be the case. Now Ben that night
was in the presence of Leland, and if BOB was in Leland, then
he would have got into some contact with BOB. Ben did touch 
Leland, and thus might have picked up something from this--something
only intoned OAM/MIKE would be able to pick up. Ben is a sleeze
but has no connection to BOB; he just got in contact with a Leland/BOB
and the traces of BOB remained on him, and were picked up by MIKE.

Also, I thought it was interesting on the 11/3 episode the scene
with Leland and Ben. Leland seemed to be a pretty unscruplous lawyor;
after he told Ben of his plan concerning the Ghost Wood deal Ben
came over to give him a hug, but Leland pushed him away; this
did not appear to me like the dancing Leland. I took this as a
sign that BOB was in him at this point. Then later when he did
his lounge lizard routine he grabbed Ben in a dancing manner, more
like his demented self.

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