Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Questions, questions, questions
From: lrubinow@cdp.UUCP
Date: 1990-11-14, 18:45

I have to admit to being a new follower of this conference -- but I've
been watching TP since the beginning with avid interest, and I have some
things to add.  If they've been said/asked before, please forgive.

1)  I don't think we can assume that BOB is closely tied either to the
Great Northern or to the woods.  MIKE informed Cooper in his dream that
they at one time lived above a convenience store, and remember that
Teresa Banks was killed at some distance from TP.  Moreover, MIKE
apparently roams free, as he was responsible for Gerard's loss of an arm
again at some distance from TP.

2)  How is it that BOB's victims see BOB's face, but MIKE shows only the
face of Philip Gerard?  Is it possible that we've seen MIKE's "other"
appearance (i.e., the dwarf, the giant, the horse)?

3)  Recall the piece of paper in the railroad car: "Fire walk with me."
Although the evidence suggests BOB is fascinated with fire, it is only
from MIKE's lips that we've heard the phrase.  Was MIKE at the railroad
car, either in Gerard's body or in someone else's (say, Ronette's)?
Could MIKE have been attempting to kill BOB by killing his then-host,
Laura?  No-one has asked MIKE about Laura's murder; all Cooper seems
interested in is BOB, BOB, BOB.

4)  Just who/what are the "owls" that Margaret, the Giant and Major
Briggs have referred to?  They're not what they seem, sometimes they're
big, they're at the Roadhouse.  My girlfriend suggests this to be a
generic term for the various supernatural types we've met; I have
problems with this explanation, but she was dead on about Piper Laurie
being the Japanese businessman, so who am I to argue.  And hey, who were
all those Navy swabs and what were they doing at the Great Northern and
the Roadhouse?  Some connection with Major Briggs' classified work?

5)  Current favorite silly theory: MIKE and BOB are Mike and Bobby
Brady, they killed Laura and tried to do Ronette because they looked so
much like Marsha and Jan, and the letters are going to spell out "Robert

6)  Are we all taking this just a wee bit too seriously?  No, I thought