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Subject: Re: 11/10 episode *SPOILERS*
From: (Ron Carter)
Date: 1990-11-14, 10:38
Reply-To: rcarter@isis.UUCP (Ron Carter)
Distribution: usa
Organization: Center for the Study of Creative Intelligence
Keywords: Catherine, kiss, Pete, Lynch

In article (Robe
t Steven Glickstein) writes:
> >Excerpts from 11-Nov-90 11/10 episode
> >*SPOILERS* Ron Carter@isis.cs.du.ed (794)
> >
>> >> And of course, the CATHERINE ( the great ) scene was pure LYNCH.
> >
> >
> >Will people PLEASE refrain from saying that such-and-such a scene "was
> >pure Lynch," unless they know what they're talking about? 

> >(Note:  This post is not "pure Glickstein")

In saying that ( in my knowledgeable opinion ) "... scene was pure LYNCH."
I was intimating that LYNCH has done similar scenes in the past ( within
TWIN PEAKS, BLUE VELVET, DUNE as well as others ) ie the "grab the face
and smack...". In fact, it seems Lynch keeps doing variations on this 
theme, trying to explore a wide range of settings, responses, and moods.

In TWIN PEAKS we have it as a continuing theme ( established by Lynch )
with examples set by virtually every couple available.

And your posting ( flaming ) -was- "pure Glickstein" as it was pointless,
self-indulgent, and rather rude.

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