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Subject: Re: A few clues no one seemed to mention
From: (R o d Johnson)
Date: 1990-11-14, 20:52

In article <> writes:
> >  Some clues you seemed to miss:

What makes them "clues"?

> >  When Leland went into the Sherrif's office to tell them that he had seen
> >Bob before, did any of you notice how *accurately* he tossed that

Yep.  But after it was noticed, what else was there to say about it?

> >Leland was fine and in control of himself -in fact, he was the one supporting
> >Sarah- until Sarah saw Bob watching her (while hugging Donna) and Maddy
> >arrived.

Interesting point.  I'm trying to remember our early views of Leland.
After his initial freakout, when was the next time we saw him?

> >Postulation: Laura and Maddy may both have been abused by Leland. Maybe they
> >were even really sisters in stead of cousins. Odd to notice that Maddy already
> >had an apartment while Laura was still in high school, but supposedly they 
> >were the same age. 

No.  Maddie was four years older.  (The rest of what you say here
seems to be pure speculation to me.)

> >What is Hank doing with a police badge?

He swiped it from Daryl Lodwick (the state prosecutor) the week

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