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Subject: Re: BBC2:TWIN PEAKS
From: scott@bbxsda.UUCP (Scott Amspoker)
Date: 1990-11-14, 18:43

In article <> (Lorraine Leddy) writes:
> >In the fourth episode of TP last night we saw Laura Palmer's funeral...
> >[...]
> >Can someone out there answer me one question? Why did Leo marry his
> >wife(can't remember her name!)? All he ever does is scream abuse at her
> >or beat her up! And what happened to the shirt with the blood on it
> >she(the wife) found in Leo's bag!

Well, that's two questions.  Get used to the show.  Things will
get answered in due time.  They haven't forgotten about Leo's
shirt.  (You don't want us to ruin it now, do you?)

> >Also on the night L was killed Leo said that he was in Canada(Or
> >somwhere far away) and if you remember correctly he vcouldn't have been
> >as Bobby and his wife(What is her name???!!!) came back to her home the
> >morning Laura's body was found to find Leo's truck....Much to there
> >amazement!!!

Canada is only a few miles away.  However, Leo is not one to tell
the truth.

> >What gives with Norma and Ed?
> >[other questions about plot and characters deleted]

All of those questions eventually get answered.  If you really want
someone to tell you now, perhaps they'll e-mail to you.

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