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Subject: Re: BBC2:TWIN PEAKS
From: (Cisco's Buddy)
Date: 1990-11-14, 23:07

In article <>, (Lorraine Leddy) writes...

} In the fourth episode of TP last night we saw Laura Palmer's funeral [...]

A word of advice, given only so that you're in synch with everyone else.
The commonly accepted nomenclature is to start counting from the first
hour-long episode, and to refer to the pilot film for the series as
"Episode #0". This is in line with how Lynch/Frost Productions treats
them. The reasons for this are somewhat complicated and I don't want to
get into it at the moment. So, the episode with Laura's funeral is actually
the *third* episode, not the fourth.

} Can someone out there answer me one question? Why did Leo marry his
} wife(can't remember her name!)? All he ever does is scream abuse at her
} or beat her up!

Unfortunately, some men marry for exactly that reason: to have someone
they can lord over. (Her name, by the way, is Shelley.)

} And what happened to the shirt with the blood on it she(the wife) found
} in Leo's bag!

You'll find out later.

} Also on the night L was killed Leo said that he was in Canada(Or somwhere
} far away) and if you remember correctly he vcouldn't have been as Bobby
} and his wife(What is her name???!!!) came back to her home the morning
} Laura's body was found to find Leo's truck....Much to there amazement!!!

Shelley told Bobby that Leo called saying he was in Butte, Montana, which
is far enough away that he couldn't have gotten to Twin Peaks that soon.
Seems pretty obvious that he lied to Shelley. Later on, you'll come across
other evidence that Leo was, in fact, still in the environs of Twin Peaks
and not, as he claimed, in Butte.

} What gives with Norma and Ed? They were childhood sweethearts(alomost!!)
} Why did he marry his current wife then?(The one with the eye-patch) And
} what happened to her eye anyway? Or is it fake?

Their story is told later on, in Episode #8 (the two-hour second season
premiere), eye-patch and all. (No, it's not fake -- in fact, though I
haven't seen any independent confirmation, I've been told that the patch
is "real" for the actress, not just the character.)

} Don't you just feel sorry for Josie Packard with such a wicked
} sister-in-law..but at least she'll have the Sherrif to protect her(if
} you know what I mean!!!)

Heh heh heh.

} We were introduced to Maddie...Laura's cousin last night...amazing
} resemblance to Laura ...Is it her with a black wig on? I thought I heard
} something about that earlier.

This seems to be a point of contention. In some photos of the actress,
she's brunette, in others she's blond. I'm not sure which is her natural
hair color.

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